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Save an additional 20% with a monthly subscription!

Save an additional 20% with a monthly subscription!

Omega-3 Krill Oil

Omega-3 Krill Oil is one of the richest and most bioavailable sources of Omega-3s on the planet. Most everyone would benefit from more Omega-3s in their diet. Omega-3s help your heart, your brain, your skin, and your joint health.

The Omega-3s in krill oil are capable of being absorbed by the body much faster than other Omega-3 supplements. In fact, Omega-3 Krill Oil is up to 40% more bioavailable than fish oil! And krill oil doesn’t have the fishy aftertaste of most fish oil supplements. 

Each serving contains 1,000 mg of krill oil, providing your body with DHA and EPA (considered the most beneficial forms of Omega-3s), phospholipids, and astaxanthin:  

  • DHA and EPA: Krill oil is rich in the DHA and EPA, essential fatty acids that your body can’t produce on its own. They offer powerful anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory benefits, and long term Omega-3 consumption can contribute to a healthier and higher quality of life. Click here to learn even more about Omega-3s.
  • Phospholipids: The Omega-3s in krill oil are easier for your body to absorb because they are bound to phospholipids as opposed to triglycerides in fish oil. Phospholipids are also crucial in maintaining the integrity of body cells and have been shown to benefit our brain and cognitive abilities. 
  • Astaxanthin: Unlike regular fish oil, Krill Oil contains astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that enhances the immune system and protects against free-radical damage, for better skin, and eye health.

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