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Save an additional 20% with a monthly subscription!

Save an additional 20% with a monthly subscription!

Spore-forming Probiotics in BoxJump 360

The most important thing when choosing a Probiotic supplement is quality, not quantity. High-CFU counts are often just a marketing technique and not an indicator of how much a supplement will actually benefit you. BoxJump 360 includes a unique 20 million CFU Probiotic blend that consists entirely of a very special and effective form of Probiotics referred to as “Spore-forming” Probiotics. We believe the Probiotic blend in BoxJump 360 is the best Probiotic supplement you will find anywhere.

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for your health. They aid in digestion, balance hormone levels, regulate cholesterol and even help regulate brain activity. Probiotics help maintain a healthy immune system and improve our response to infections and allergies. They can also combat harmful bacteria in the gut and help prevent the overgrowth of bacteria colonies. Acidophilus is the most common strain of Probiotic bacteria, and the key component in the fermentation process used to make yogurt and kefir. Fermentation-based probiotics are also in foods like sauerkraut and kombucha, and they are used in your typical everyday Probiotics supplement. 

The problem with using fermentation-based Probiotics in nutrition supplements is that they are very fragile. You have to be very careful storing them so that they don’t overheat. Some even require refrigeration, which is often overlooked when they get shipped to your local health food store or your house. The heat and acid in your digestive system can wreak havoc on these supplements and diminish their effectiveness as well. unless great care and technology are employed, a significant percentage of fermentation-based Probiotic supplements are destroyed before reaching your gut microbiome. “Gut microbiome” is a technical term for the community of bacteria that reside in our upper intestines.

Fortunately, other very beneficial Probiotics are not derived from fermentation. These very beneficial Probiotics are called Spore-forming Probiotics. They reside in the soil. We typically don’t come in contact with this type of Probiotic as regularly as our ancestors. It used to be that most humans worked the land. Dirt was on their hands and in the air they breathed, so they were more apt to ingest the Probiotics that resided in the soil. 

Spores are designed to withstand harsh conditions and are extremely hardy. They can survive extreme temperatures as well as extremely acidic environments. As a result, when they are used in a nutrition supplement, they don’t need to be shielded from extreme heat, let alone be refrigerated, and they are unaffected by stomach acid. The result: an extremely beneficial Probiotic supplement that is also extremely stable and bioavailable. 

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