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Save an additional 20% with a monthly subscription!

How Turmeric Might Help Combat Cancer

Turmeric and its primary ingredient, Curcumin, offer some impressive brain and immunity benefits. It boasts impressive anti-microbial characteristics and is a potent anti-inflammatory (inflammation being a major cause and concern of both disease or pain). Turmeric may even help Alzheimer’s patients. 

One of the most exciting benefits of Turmeric is it may be capable of fighting just about every type of cancer. This is a pretty amazing thing, considering that there is such a wide variety of cancers. The reason why Turmeric is so adept and universal is that it can target and affect cells using multiple molecular pathways.

Once it gets into a cell, the Curcumin molecule appears to increase beneficial anti-cancer processes and inhibit harmful processes. Furthermore, Curcumin seems to selectively target cancer cells and does not adversely affect healthy cells. 

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